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5 Tools to Discover Customer Needs

Posted by Ilan Klein on Tue, May 31, 2016 @ 12:36 PM


Discovering your customers' needs and making sure that your website fills those needs are key to your company's success. Does your current website have what it takes? Can it help customers to define their needs, realize that you're the one who can meet the need, and then lead them through your sales funnel?

As a Brooklyn inbound marketing agency, we work with many diverse companies to help them use their websites to discover their customers' needs. It is part of the digital marketing strategy services that we provide as well as inbound marketing services. Here are five tools we have found extremely helpful.



Thunderhead has developed a communication hub for businesses that allows them to discover and address their customers' needs in the following ways:

  • Listening. Firms can spend a lot of money on polling and surveys and still not get the direct feedback that is available by closely monitoring digital marketing interactions. Finding out how people react to your company's digital marketing can be very illuminating.
  • Engaging. Based on customer observation, Thunderhead will give you recommendations on how to take engagement to the next level.
  • Learning. Customer needs change over time, and Thunderhead can help you to continually learn about what youre customers are looking for based on their interactions with your website and social media.

Sugar CRM


Sugar CRM not only helps you to manage contacts and relationships, but it can also help you to detect customer needs by analyzing data and conducting relationship intelligence.

If you could, you'd make every customer relationship as personal and productive as the very best business relationships, but you simply don't have time. That's where a system like Sugar CRM comes into play.



Canvanizer is website mapping software, which is usually used during the creation of website. But it can also be very useful in mapping customer journeys through your website.

Without a concrete understanding of how customers are moving through your website, it's difficult to anticipate their needs and lead them to the solutions they're looking for. A system like Canvanizer takes the mystery out of this process.



Like Canvanizer, UXPressia creates maps of websites to help you understand your customers' journeys. It has pre-made templates you can use, or you can create a custom map that is uniquely suited to your business website.

UXPressia helps you to find all the barriers and pain points in your customers' journeys so you can fix these places and turn them into positive experiences that usher visitors toward successful sales.



How can you effectively put customer feedback to work in order to meet customers' needs and improve your products and services? Clarabridge takes feedback from multiple sources, analyzes it, and gives you information you can use to make improvements to your company.

These are a few among many programs that can help you to realize your customers' needs. How do you know which ones will work best for you? Contact your local inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, Park Slope Softworks, and we'll help you sort through your digital marketing needs.

Send us a bell on 646-519-3534 or ust hit us on the button below and fill out the short form. We would love to hear from you. Found a good tool for customer feedback analysis that we did not mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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