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8 most important SEO Resources

Posted by Ilan Klein on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 @ 11:38 AM

Even if you're well-versed in search engine optimization, it's still important to keep up with the latest and greatest SEO technologies, and if you're just starting out in SEO, well, there's hope for you, too.

Inbound marketing for SEO is one of the most powerful ways to expand your reach and improve your sales, and fortunately, there are all kinds of tools and resources out there to establish and improve your company's SEO. As an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, we strive to achieve great SEO. The following are 8 of the most important tools we've found, as Brooklyn SEO consultants

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1. Search Engine Land

Part of what makes SEO so interesting is that it's changing all the time. In order to keep up with the changes and improve your chances of showing up at the top of search results, you've got to stay up-to-date.

The blog at Search Engine Land is a great place to stay informed. With new blog posts every day (sometimes several times a day), Search Engine Land covers a wide range of topics, from the latest AdWords updates to content distribution tips.


2. QuickSprout's Advanced Guide to SEO

If you want to get an extensive overview of SEO and why it's important (or if you're trying to figure out how to explain it to someone else), hop over to QuickSprout's visually friendly infographic. It explains data research, the importance of keywords, link-building strategies, and more.

3. Google Algorithm Change History

The Google search algorithm changes between 500-600 times per year, so obviously, you're not going to try to make adjustments to your SEO every time Google makes a change. But when Google makes a big shift in its algorithm, you'll want to know.

That's why it's handy to check in with the Google Algorithm Change History every now and then. It can help you to stay high in the rankings and get more organic traffic to your site.

4. Broken Link Check

Broken links are not good for websites. They look unprofessional, and they keep traffic from finding the information you so painstakingly create.

Broken Link Check tells you which of your hyperlinks are not working. It can also show you the location of the problematic links in your HTML, saving you time and getting your site cleaned up.

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5. Spider View Simulator

How does a search engine spider or robot view your website? This is an important question to answer in terms of search engine optimization.

The Spider View Simulator checks keyword density, tells you how many inbound and outbound links you have, and offers valuable reports to help you improve your SEO.

6. Google Trends

Google Trends shows you volume of searches over time. This tool helps you to find out which keywords are popular. You can search the keywords that are common in your industry and find out which ones will be most effective in directing traffic to your site. Any marketing agency can help you track those trends. 

7. SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools is a Chrome extension that offers a wealth of information on any given site. It will pull up page rank, meta description, incoming links, and even monitor social media reactions. It also gives suggestions for how you can improve your website. These suggestions are based on commonly accepted SEO practices.

8. Google Webmaster Central Blog

This blog was created for webmasters, and it can be a little bit intimidating if you're brand new to SEO, but it truly is a wealth of information.

You can find answers to troubleshooting problems, directions to popular resources, and you can even meet up with people from the Google offices at online forums or even live events.

What are your favorite SEO resources? What are your favorite Search engine optimization tools? Comment below!

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