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Effective Landing Pages for Moving Companies

Posted by Michal Klein on Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 11:35 AM

Moving company landing page

Moving company online marketing is doomed without effective landing pages. For a moving and storage business, landing pages can be the most important pages on your website. This page greets–and hopefully converts--site visitors who arrive there as a result of your online marketing efforts. These potential new customers may be Google searchers who found you through natural search or by clicking your ad--or they may be coming from an email campaign. As an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, we know how too keep these visitors interested and move them along toward a sale. To do this, you need the landing page basics. Be sure to check out our anatomy to an effective landing page as well!

  • Attractive, catchy headlines, relevant to the visitor. If your recent email campaign targeted apartment hunters in your local area, address the prospect directly on your landing page. Use relevant imagery and text to tailor the page to the audience. “Now that you’ve found that great apartment…” and present your company as a problem-solver “….leave the moving to us.”

  • Bulleted, keyword rich lists of benefits of your product or service, or other easily scannable layout elements.

  • Uncluttered design and engaging imagery.

  • Prominent CTAs. Your impossible-to-miss call to action must tell visitors what to do next and why. Your button might say: “Download our essential Moving Checklist” or create a sense of urgency with “Book today and get 10% off.”

The (simple) secret to landing pages--that really perform

Beyond these basics, there are a million possibilities to make your landing pages into creative, brand-building, lead-generating machines. Subtle changes to landing pages may produce big results for your moving and storage business.The potential upside is huge: a major online retailer famously showed a startling 45% sales increase--with a tiny change in button text. So how do you know what landing page changes to make? How do your determine what might work better? How can you quickly come up with concepts for new landing pages?

That’s where testing and analytics come in. Business intelligence is the big secret that many moving company online marketing strategies overlook. By analyzing activity such as click-through rates and conversions you can determine the success of an ad, email campaign or social media marketing effort. With A/B testing you can learn which layout or wording gets the most conversions. By monitoring trends, you can find out what you audience is looking for in a moving company—and make sure it’s on the page!

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