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5 Best Practices for Facebook Marketing and Lead Generation

Posted by Ilan Klein on Mon, Jan 13, 2014 @ 01:04 PM

The number of people who do not have a Facebook account has shrunk considerably, and the thought of not having it is unfathomable to those who do have one. In addition, anyone can expand their account to include extra pages for their projects, special events, or anything they wish to promote. With the expansion option, and the business page creation, Facebook morphed into a great tool for businesses. We, as an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn,  take a closer look at inbound marketing and lead generation potential.


Facebook Marketing

Build a great Facebook presence.

Like everything associated with your company, your Facebook page is a reflection of your business. It carries the brand, and what you post on your page should give a clear image of what the company stands for.

Unlike the informative tone on your website, the Facebook posts need to be engaging, conversational and add a measure of excitement. People experience a lot of marketing thrown at them, and you want to ensure that you stand a head above the rest of the social media marketing competition. Once you’ve completed the first step of creating a Facebook page, you can move on to further action.


Get up and go

A big downfall can be in a lack of action. Once the Facebook page is created there are still more to do. Create great articles and advertisements and start posting regular feeds. Make sure that these advertisements and articles are designed to target the right audience. Lead generation is only as effective as your marketing strategy.

When you study the demographics on Facebook, you’ll know how to engage with your audience in an impactful manner. Facebook users are ready for your unique marketing engagement, and when done effectively, your lead generation is almost an automatic process.


You get to the measure of your investment

Effective marketing requires skill. So many times companies adopt the notion of doing everything on their own. In most cases the motivation is to save costs. Unfortunately they deprive themselves from having the opportunity of enrolling professional help. These are entities which can take care of every aspect of the Facebook marketing process. These are people who can see around the corners and who can sidestep common errors and determine potential threats.

There are great truths in the saying that you get what you pay for. If your company desires a big outcome then you need to think big. Amplify your reach with powerful marketing strategies by allowing a great marketing and lead generation company to attend to your needs. This allows you the opportunity to revert your focus on running your company without distractions


Make that connection

Another action that’s causative to successful marketing and lead generation is customer engagement. Build relationships. Encourage sharing. There are great tools to use like voting polls to prompt engagement and get customers involved in sharing opinions. Even fun activities like a riddle can generate customer thought, post sharing, and an increase of interest. All of which is designed towards lead generation.


Stay in motion

Posting one advert per month will not give you the desired impact. Don’t get your posts swallowed by the constant influx of information. The aim is to keep posts flowing in at a steady rate as well as to ensure that they are relevant and captivating.

Another factor that will stop the desired effect is if too many posts are sent. Customers have the ability to block what shows on their wall. It’s important to keep in mind that the impact of all these efforts lies in getting through to the customer. Utilizing best practices for Facebook marketing and lead generation can take your company to great success.

 Turn Facebook Likes  to Paying Clients

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