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Twitter updates - Optimize your images for Twitter images feed

Posted by Ilan Klein on Fri, Jan 03, 2014 @ 12:08 PM


Twitter is changing. And just like everything else in digital marketing, inbound marketing, media and everything technology related – we need to adapt. Here is a guide to optimizing your images for Twitter feeds from your local Inbound marketing company in Brooklyn. 
It’s great if you can make sure that the image you include in a tweet is optimized for your followers, so nothing important is cut off the top or bottom, and you’re maximizing your visual real estate.
Bear in mind the dimensions of the Twitter image preview are 440 x 220 pixels, kind of like a mini Facebook cover photo. This makes square images less than ideal. What you’re really aiming fir is a 2:1 ratio.
This is an infographic that can help you, the author, optimize your visual tweets on the new Twitter stream.

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Source: Visual.ly.

Get more attention to your posts by including good images of yourself, your business and products and maybe cute cats ,which seem to be so popular these days…
Have fun and let us know how your visual tweets are working for your business! Learn more about inbound marketing from your Brooklyn inbound marketing agency


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