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Developing a content strategy

Posted by Ilan Klein on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 12:10 PM

Do potential customers and clients know how to find you? Modern marketing is all about getting new leads through content creation and growing your business through inbound marketing. As an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, we know if you don't have a content strategy, it's time to change that. A Brooklyn digital marketing agency can help you with all of this. 

First off, what is a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a targeted audience.

In essence, content marketing gives you a chance to offer your prospects, customers, and clients valuable information, and in return for this information, they'll reward you with their business and loyalty.

developing a content strategy


Developing a Content Strategy

In order to do this, however, you'll need a content strategy. The production of valuable, relevant, and consistent content doesn't happen by accident. You'll need a plan, and if you are having trouble developing a content strategy a Brooklyn Digital marketing company. That plan should include the following:

1. Specific Objectives

What do you hope to gain for your company through content marketing? Are you looking to generate leads? Improve loyalty? Establish your brand? As you determine specific objectives for your content strategy, you'll be able to focus your efforts and resources on the items that will have the highest impact for your company.

developing a content strategy


2. A Targeted Audience

The better you know your targeted audience, the more successful your content marketing will be. When you know the demographics, the interests, and most importantly the concerns of your audience, you can create content that will resonate with them. If your content offers viable solutions for your audience's problems, you will be seen as indispensable. What more could a company want?

developing a content strategy


3. Keywords and Topics

Once you know what your objectives are and who you're targeting, you can develop a list of keywords and topics on which to base your content. Keywords are the treasure in the SEO treasure hunt: they'll help your prospects and customers to find you, so make sure you use them judiciously.

developing a content strategy


4. Varied Content

What kinds of content should you produce for your content marketing strategy? That depends on your objectives and your audience, but consider using some or all of the following:

  • Blogging
  • Infographics and Images
  • Email
  • Webinars
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media

Some people habitually click on videos, others are suckers for infographics. If you provide keyword-rich content in a variety of formats, you'll reach more people. Ultimately, you'll reach the people who are searching for what you have to offer.

developing a content strategy


5. A Frequency Pattern

How often should you produce new content? If your aim is to get new leads through content creation, you'll need to be consistent and frequent. Your frequency will be determined by your audience and the type of content your producing. Consistency is key, and there are many tools out there to help you with this, including editorial calendars, automated blogging and social media, and more.



A solid content strategy plan does more than just make sure you're producing read-worthy content on a regular basis. It helps your customers and clients to find you, stick with you, and view you as an industry expert. For more information about developing a content strategy, or to get started developing your own, contact us at Park Slope. 646-519-3534, Or hit us on our website.

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