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Four reasons you should use the Google "Call only" Campaign

Posted by Orr Klein on Thu, May 26, 2016 @ 12:11 PM



I don’t know about you, but I like talking to people while doing any sort of business. I enjoy getting a feel for the product I’m investing in, by talking to a real life human being about said product. It’s pretty fun, sometimes they’ll give you a discount or a special deal you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Other Times, you’ll get to have a pleasant conversation with someone that is paid to talk to you, which is perfectly fine if you just want to establish that human connection while doing some sort of business.

Lucky for you, Google has created a new type of online advertising that makes calling businesses that much easier. The Google “Call only Campaign” is a setting where your pay-per-click ad leads to a phone call instead of a landing page on the company's website.  These ads only appear when the user is using a mobile phone. When the user clicks on the ad he or she gets connected automatically to the advertiser’s sales line.

Google developed this new form of advertising and lead generation as users shifted more and more towards searching on phones and other mobile devices. It is much harder to fill out a form on a mobile phone than on a traditional browser and it is much easier to initiate a voice connection by using the phone main function - talking on the phone…

Successful Call only campaigns can be very productive for your business.  Here are a few reasons why this call only campaign is useful for everyone involved from an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn

There’re better odds of using the service


With the call only campaign, the chances of people using the service increases. According to Google* 70% of mobile search users call the business directly from the search results.  It is an easy way for businesses to reach potential customers by prominently showing your phone number, business description and call button -- right when people are searching.

Mobile marketing is on the rise. As more and more users are using their phones to search and search traffic is becoming increasingly mobile, it is imperative that you make your products and services easier to reach and use on mobile devices. By starting a mobile marketing campaign, you will be using using a clear path to conversion on a mobile device. Increasing the chances that people will consider using your products and services.  

The landing page visit is the most prone to failure part of all web based conversion paths. This is where most of the instances of users ejecting themselves from the process or abandoning their shopping carts happen. A call only campaign simply removes that part of the process and brings the prospect directly to your sales department.

Also, when users are using their phone to solve a problem they have, it is more likely that they need the solution NOW….. People want to get answers as soon as possible, and by connecting them directly to a professional who can help them, you are increasing the chances of making a sale.  

It’s a no-brainer if you’re in the service industry


Who should use Call only campaigns? There are a many businesses out there, where a lot of people would feel more compelled to speak to someone, as opposed to visiting a website. Services like moving companies, pest control, landscaping, plumbers, dog groomers  and others, are obvious choices. Every situation in those fields requires some sort of quote or specific price tailored to your needs. Most of the time, looking through a website won’t really answer the question: How much will it cost to fix the pipe in my kitchen that is spewing dirty water into my living room?.... A  call only campaign is probably the most effective here.

Any business that relies on establishing an intimate connection with the client, such as Vitamin and supplements companies, Beauty supplies, personal trainers, Chiropractors and many more should consider this type of campaign for their business. If you look at a lot of these companies websites, you’ll always notice that the phone number is put in huge letters and easily viewable as soon as you enter the website. So why not use the call only campaign?

Speed is the name of the game


    Using this service helps create a connection between you and your client faster than using a traditional website or landing page.  Even if it seems like a few saved seconds, those seconds could make all the difference in the world when a customer is trying to decide between which service to use. For example, I love pizza so much I can eat it anytime, day or night. Now, when it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m craving a Sausage and pepper pizza (I’m sorry if you’re vegetarian, you can always put kale or some shit on your pizza) I’d want that pizza in my stomach as fast as possible. By using the call only campaign, I can get a hold of the pizza place in just two clicks, and avoid fumbling around trying to dial the number. It’s a win for the pizza place, because they have my business,  and it’s a win for my stomach, because there is pizza in it, faster than ever before.

Establishes a basic human connection


    The final reason this call only campaign is beneficial is because it gives a personal, human touch to the business, that might not have been there before with a PPC ad, which leads to a website. There is a reason why people have created apps avoiding automated customer service systems and only put you through when there is somebody real on the line. People still enjoy interacting with one another, despite what you might think with how social media shapes our world. This system will help you round up those leads, and ultimately open up your business to potential new clients, you might not have otherwise seen.

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*Google/Ipsos, The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase, September, 2013. Link

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