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Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs In-House Employees

Posted by Orr Klein on Wed, Jan 25, 2017 @ 09:23 PM



Do you run a business? Are you trying to improve your web presence? That’s great! Most companies now are developing their web presence and trying to climb the ranks of Google. However, many companies question whether or not they should consider hiring a digital marketing agency vs in-house employees  to do their digital marketing, SEO, PPC work, etc. (Check out our guide on Should I hire a digital marketing agency?) It may be more convenient to have someone in-house doing the work. However, it may not be your best option. By hiring a Brooklyn inbound marketing agency, you will get better results to support your digital marketing strategy than hiring someone in-house, and at the same time, be more cost effective.

Digital marketing agencies are already professionally trained


While hiring employees in-house to take care of your digital marketing needs, there is still a learning curve for any new employees you hire. As a business owner, you would need to find or develop a training program to give to your new hires. Whether it’s a program offered by another company, or hiring an experienced veteran in digital marketing to help out, the options are not going to be cheap. You will invest a great deal of your resources in training in order to get your employees up and running, the way you want them to perform. This is money that you could have invested in your digital marketing campaigns instead of training...  It’s also important to note that once you train your new hires, they would need to stay up to date on latest trends in the digital marketing industry in order to stay , and keep you competitive. This can be especially difficult for someone who is not surrounded by people in the field. Learn more about visual trends in digital marketing from an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn



A downside to hiring employees in-house is that you would need to pay their salary. While an NYC digital marketing agency will cost money, it is not as expensive as hiring your own employees. Here are a few examples of salaries for digital marketing salaries:

  • Digital Marketing Manager: $72k
  • Web Designer: $59k
  • Social Media Manager: $56k
  • Content Writer: $48k
  • Graphic Designer: $46k

Source: http://www.modgirlmarketing.com/in-house-vs-agency-digital-marketing/

For these five positions, the total cost comes out to $337,000. Which is going to drain a lot of your marketing budget, and depending on how big your company is, it might not be possible to hire in-house employees, and still get the results from a New York digital marketing agency. You’ll obviously still have to pay a digital marketing agency, but it will not cost as much as hiring your own employees. Hiring a digital marketing agency will cost anywhere from 24,000 to 96,000 dollars a year* depending on what services you are looking for and your initial budget. You would be able to have access to the services of the 5 positions listed above, and still pay less money for professional work!

Hiring a digital marketing agency ultimately helps your company save more money, and still get the work of a trained, professional team. A digital marketing agency can help bring your company new business through the internet, with an inbound marketing strategy. and can be helpful to those who are not experienced dealing with SEO, Pay per click, or managing social media channels as a business. Park Slope Softworks, a marketing agency in Brooklyn, can help with content creation, content marketing, pay per click, social syndication and more! Contact us today to request a free consultation, and be sure to check out our whitepaper below on 10 ways to get people to take action on your website!

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*Source: http://www.internetmarketinginc.com/blog/hiring-digital-agency-vs-inhouse-team/