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How to Build a Marketing Plan for LinkedIn

Posted by Orr Klein on Wed, Apr 18, 2018 @ 03:27 PM


Social media marketing can be a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, promoting your products and services, and reaching new potential customers. If you’ve never experimented with using LinkedIn for marketing purposes you may want to consider its reach and influence.


Each social media platform has its own unique set of users, and it’s wise to market your business on the platforms where your target audience tends to hang out. If you market to other businesses or want to reach industry influencers, LinkedIn is an important place to be and knowing how to build a marketing plan for Linkedin is essential. 


As you work on a LinkedIn marketing plan for your company, consider the following tips:

Complete Your Profile


Not only does a completed profile look professional, but it also improves your search results. As you fill out your profile, take advantage of the option to customize your LinkedIn URL. Make sure you have an updated logo and banner image that reflect your current branding, and resize your logo, if necessary, to make it fit the standard 100 x 60 pixel dimensions before you upload it. By being careful about the sizing, your logo will look professional, centered, and eye-catching.


Tailor your LinkedIn profile to the needs and interests of your target audience. If you’re not looking for a job, don’t treat your company page like a personal resume. Think about your company LinkedIn profile as a roadside billboard or a mailable brochure. It’s an advertisement, and the same care and thought should go into it that would go into expensive marketing materials.

Connect with Everyone


With over 530 million users (as of January 2018), LinkedIn provides incredible opportunities for connecting with potential customers, colleagues, vendors, and industry movers and shakers.


The more connections you have, the larger your network will expand, and the more people you will be able to reach. Therefore, connect with everyone you can on LinkedIn. Send invitations of your own, and accept any invitations that come your way.

Include Videos and Images


With so many people and businesses on LinkedIn, it can be tough to compete for attention. One way to stand out from the crowd is to include videos and compelling images on your profile and as part of the content, you upload.


Most profiles are pretty boring, so if you put some thought and ingenuity into yours, you have a good chance of standing out from the crowd. For instance, create a video solving a common problem faced by your customers, and have that video pop up on your profile page after a few seconds. Not only will you get visitors’ attention, but you will immediately help them to understand what you offer.

Join Targeted Groups


Regardless of your industry, you’ll be able to find LinkedIn groups that will help you to connect with key partners and spread your messages. Some LinkedIn groups have over 10,000 members, so there’s huge potential for networking within these groups. Start by joining a few groups and participating in discussions.


Once you’re comfortable with LinkedIn groups, consider starting your own. Running a LinkedIn group is a great way to become a recognized thought leader in your industry and to significantly expand your online network.

Connect with Twitter


If you want to stay top of mind in your industry, link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account. Whenever you post to LinkedIn, your posts will also show up on Twitter. This is an easy way to get double the coverage for your carefully constructed content.


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