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How to increase PPC impressions

Posted by Orr Klein on Tue, Jan 31, 2017 @ 10:59 AM


Pay Per Click is an essential tool in the digital marketing world. You can market your product or service to those who wouldn’t have known about your business and be able to attract more people to who could be in need of your business. This can also be done by creating an inbound marketing strategy. Not only is it beneficial for small businesses to get their name out there to help support your digital marketing strategy, but it is also used by big companies as well. However, having a large budget at your disposal for pay per click advertising, might not be enough to ensure that your ads are reaching the people who will do business with you. Budget, while important, isn’t everything when it comes to PPC.


Distribution is as important, and making sure that enough people see your ads is important to the success of your campaign. To learn more about PPC optimization, check out our how to succeed in PPC advertising and 5 mistakes to avoid in your PPC campaign blogs from your local Brooklyn inbound marketing agency.  Here are a few tips on how to increase PPC impressions, to make sure you are reaching enough people.

Enhance quality score


Google AdWords uses a quality score, in which your ads are rated on a scale of one to ten, and usually, the ad with the best quality score, along with the appropriate budget, is shown at the top of Google. The quality score is usually determined by the relevant keywords and ad text within your ad and ad group. It is also determined by the landing page relevance to your advertisement. Ad extensions, as well as call extensions, also improve the quality score of an ad. By increasing the quality score, you’ll have a better chance of appearing at the top of a relevant Google search and have more people see your ads.

Research relevant keywords


Keywords are the heart and soul of PPC. You can either have ads that contain very specific keywords, to target a small portion of people, or use more general keywords to get a wider audience. You can find out how much traffic each keyword is generating with the Google Keyword Planner. When building your PPC campaign, you also have the option of making your keywords “broad”, “phrase”, or “exact”. You can control how many people see your ads, based on which setting the keywords are. Along with a list of quality keywords, make sure you create a comprehensive list of negative keywords as well, to make sure that you get the right impressions.   By changing your keywords to “broad” you’ll definitely show your ads to a lot more people.

Change location targeting


When you build a PPC campaign, you can choose which locations you want to target. If you are a location-based business, like a restaurant, you’re going to generally want to keep your location to the city you are in, however, if you are trying to get more impressions, it would be int your best interest to expand your location targeting. Perhaps expand it to a 50-100 mile radius or even the entire state! If you are run a business online, you can target to the entire country, as opposed to just the major cities.

As an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, we know that creating a quality PPC campaign can be a daunting task, especially for someone who is focused on running other aspects of the business. So why not hire a digital marketing company? They will make sure your PPC tailors to your specific needs while providing quality ads. Learn the answer to the question “Should I hire a digital marketing company?” and “Hiring a digital marketing agency vs in-house employees?” Park Slope Softworks, a digital marketing agency in Brooklyn, can help with content creation, content marketing, pay per click, social syndication and more! Contact us today to request a free consultation, and be sure to check out our whitepaper below on 10 ways to get people to take action on your website!

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