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How to utilize your Company's Linkedin Profile

Posted by Orr Klein on Fri, Dec 16, 2016 @ 08:31 AM



Linkedin, imagine Facebook with everyone dressed up in “job interview clothes” and nobody posting dog memes. It’s the biggest social network people use in order to find jobs or network within their respective fields. It’s a pretty awesome alternative to Facebook also, because you may just make the right connections, and advance your career. However, it is also a great inbound marketing tactic for small business trying to get their name out there. Most people think that a Twitter and Facebook presence is enough, but it isn’t. You should utilize all of the tools at your disposal. You might be wondering, how do I use Linkedin for my business? Well, here are some inbound marketing  tips on how to utilize your company’s Linkedin profile, from an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn


   Make your profile A+


linked in pssoftwokrs.png

 There are many ways to optimize your Linkedin profile, but one of the things people like to see is an active account. For example, Park Slope Softworks, a Brooklyn digital marketing agency, has a fully optimized Linkedin accoun. Nobody who stumbles upon your Linkedin will be interested in doing business with your company if you are not actively posting on it. Post status updates that are fitting towards your business, share your blog posts that you’ve written, or promote some special offers your business is having. If you are more active on Linkedin, the more serious people will take you.



Participate in groups




   By participating in Linkedin groups, you’ll be able to expose yourself to like-minded individuals and businesses to your company. Create some insightful posts and write some good comments in response to other people’s posts. By doing this you’ll spread your word to people who may not have seen you before and could be interested in doing business with you. This also a good time to see what other companies in these groups are doing to gain traction and be successful. Look at their profile and model your company’s profile after them.



Establish awesome connections



   One of the key reasons people use Linkedin is so they could establish connections with other individuals in their respective field. So you should do the same! There are a ton of people who would be interested doing business with you, but simply don’t know you yet. Keep your connections up to date, as there are definitely going to be some connections you have that don't actively use Linkedin, which makes it tough to establish new connections through them.  



To use Linkedin effectively, it’s important to participate as much as you can, and to offer insightful content to your followers and connections. Keep it professional, keep it insightful, but don’t forget to keep it fun and add some humor to your posts, people will appreciate it. To learn more about Social media marketing, check out our Social syndication page, our 5 best practices for Facebook marketing and lead generation, how to increase your business exposure through social media, as well as social media as a part of your inbound marketing strategy. Contact us today to request a free consultation from your local Brooklyn inbound marketing agency, Park Slope Softworks.

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