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Identifying Your Audience

Posted by Ilan Klein on Tue, Jan 19, 2016 @ 08:47 AM

It's true: inbound marketing can do wonders for your business. It can increase your visibility, allow you to connect with prospective customers in personal and productive ways, and give you a way to share your company's expertise with others.

That's if your digital marketing is done well.

If it's not done well, your business may face stagnation as your competitors pull ahead. What makes the difference? For starters, effective digital marketers know their target audience. Learn from your local inbound marketing company in Brooklyn


Effective Digital Marketing Depends on a Knowledge of Your Targeted Audience

Identifying your target audience is something everyone should learn in Marketing 101. Without an understanding of your audience, your digital marketing efforts will be ineffective. Your approach will resemble trying to shoot arrows in the dark at a target you can't see. Any target hits will be purely random, and you won't be able to measure your success or analyze your results. Building a "customer persona" is one of the most important digital marketing efforts you need to take before starting any digital marketing inbound or outbound campaigns.


Who Is Your Audience?

Your target market is filled with the people who actually purchase your products and services. You probably have a general idea of who these people are, but the more specific you can get, the more effectively you can digitally market to them.


Develop a Customer Profile

As part of your digital marketing plan, develop a customer profile. This should be as specific as possible, and should inlcude both of the following categories:

  • Demographic Information: Age, Gender, Income, Marital Status, Ethnic Background, Education, and Location
  • Psychographic Information: Interests, Hobbies, Values, Behaviors, and Lifestyle

This information will help you to know who you're writing to when you develop your digital content. If you hire writers or social media managers, it will also help them to know who they're writing to. It will give your digital content a cohesive nature, a distinct flavor, and it will signal to your targeted market that "you're one of them."


Find Out Where They Hang Out

Once you pinpoint your target audience, you can effectively find where they hang out. This is important because it streamlines your efforts and ensures that you're not wasting your time. For instance, if you learn that your target audience doesn't use Facebook much, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by focusing on another social media outlet where they actually do hang out.


Identify Their Problems

Businesses solve problems, right? Restaurants feed people when they're hungry, auto mechanics fix cars when they're broken, and bookkeepers straighten out finances. When you can successfully identify the specific problems your target audience grapples with, you can deliver content they'll read and share and pin to their Pinterest boards.

What kinds of problems might they have? Let's go back to the restaurant example. Let's say you identify that your target audience is made up of families with children who live in Park Slope. What problems might they have that you could solve?

  • Where can I go out for dinner that is kid-friendly?
  • Where can I hold my mother's birthday party?
  • Where can I find a weekend dinner at a reasonable price?



If you answer these questions with your digital marketing, you will expand your customer base and become a go-to solution for your target audience.

If you need help with identifying your audience, or with any other digital marketing issue, contact us at Park Slope. We're here to grow your business.

About Park Slope Softworks: Park Slope Softworks is a Digital Marketing Agency, Specializing in Inbound Marketing services, that helps businesses get new leads and grow their businesses by creating targeted content and exposing the right audience to it. You can reach us at 646-519-3534 or send us an email to: enqueries@parkslopesoftworks.com

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