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Online Marketing Promotions for the Spring

Posted by Orr Klein on Thu, May 10, 2018 @ 03:57 PM

online marketing promotions for the spring

Have you already created online marketing promotions for the spring? If you haven’t, it’s not too late. The following promotion ideas can help you to reach new customers, provide knowledge to your audience, and ultimately improve the traffic to your website and improve your bottom line.

Hold a Spring Cleaning Event


For many industries, spring is a natural time for the turnover of inventory. You can use this built-in business need to hold a spring sale aimed at moving your old inventory.


If your business provides services instead of products, market your “Spring Clean” event as a way to take care of things people been procrastinating all winter: getting the carpets cleaned, reviewing their retirement portfolios, getting a haircut, etc.

Celebrate Mothers and Fathers


Mother’s and Father’s Day both take place in the spring, so it’s a perfect time to build promotions around parents. Since these are secular holidays, they’re universally celebrated, and that means they’re an opportunity to reach everyone.


You could offer discounts on products and services that are especially pertinent to moms and dads (pedicures for mothers, for example, or lawn care for fathers). But you could also take Mother’s and Father’s Day promotions one step further by holding social media contests. Here’s one example: you could encourage customers to nominate their parents to receive a special prize. This contest could involve customer-generated content in the form of pictures, poems, or slogans.

Get Outside


After a long winter cooped up indoors, people are anxious to get outside in the spring. Use your online marketing to help them do just that. Advertise new outdoor seating or sidewalk sales at your business, and include nature-inspired imagery in your social media graphics. Effective content marketing helps people get what they want. And in springtime, what many people want is to be outside.

Use the Theme of Renewal


Spring is the season most associated with newness, change, and renewal, so use this theme to guide your content marketing. What’s new with your business? You could feature new employees, new products, and new services on your blog posts and social media accounts.


You can also encourage your target audience to think about what they can do to renew their lives. Do your products or services help them to improve their homes, careers, financial lives, wardrobes, or gardens? Show them how they can start fresh and make improvements in their lives.

Host a Fun Contest


Fun-loving contests can help your content to go viral, exposing your brand to all kinds of new potential customers. Contests can be as simple as “Guess how many chocolate eggs are in this jar!” People can make their guesses on your social media accounts; you’ll be surprised at how many people will get involved with a simple, fun contest.


You can also try out marketing campaigns that encourage people to create content for your business. For example, you can hold a contest for the best picture of people holding your products in a certain location or using your products in a certain way. Not only will you get a lot of marketing for the price of one prize, but people will share their posts on their own networks, spreading your messaging far and wide.

Highlight Local Sports Teams


Lots of sports teams re-start their seasons in the springtime, so it’s a great time to show your support. You can sponsor a local sports team and get some advertising in that way, or you could offer discounts for goods and services associated with athletics.


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