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8 reasons to write seasonal blog posts

Posted by Ilan Klein on Tue, Feb 16, 2016 @ 02:31 PM

Helping prospects to find your website is the goal of inbound marketing. You don't know exactly which people can benefit from your products and services, but they know when they need something, and if you're the business they come across when they search for help online, you will have landed yourself a new customer.

Writing seasonal blog posts can help you to achieve this goal. Seasonal blog posts can help you to earn more traffic by providing content that is unique to certain times of year. Seasonal blogging should be one of your content marketing strategies.

All industries have "seasons" of sorts. Retail businesses are exceptionally busy during the holidays, financial firms are busy during tax season, and construction businesses pick up during the summer. Think about the "seasons" unique to your business and how these blog posts could boost your traffic and conversion rates.


The following are 8 reasons to write seasonal blog posts from a local inbound marketing company in Brooklyn

1. You Can Be First In Line

Your competitors have the same "seasons" that you do, but if you can get ahead of holiday trends with your blog posts and accompanying social media, your site will come out on top of the search engine results. What are the trends in your industry for the coming busy season? Do your research, choose your keywords carefully, and then start posting blog and social media posts with those precious keywords before the others catch the train.


2. You Can Branch Out

Evergreen blog post content--the kind that applies all year round--can become a little stale, especially if you have trouble coming up with new blog post topics. Bringing seasonal blog posts into your editorial lineup can help you to branch out and bring in new topics. Seasonal blog posts help you and your customers to see your business in a different light.


3. You Can Tell a New Story

Seasonal blog posts allow you to come at your marketing from a different angle. Yes, your salon provides haircut services year round, but did your customers know that you can provide styling for their office holiday parties? What about your furniture store? Have you thought about writing a blog post about desks for back-to-school?


4. You Can Culturally Relate to Your Audience

The content and images included in your seasonal blog posts can help you to make a cultural connection to your market if you get that connection right. In order to do this, you have to know your market well. Who are they and what is important to them? If your market is mothers of young children, you'll want to focus your seasonal blog posts on issues that are important to them. If you can manage to do this, you can gain a loyal brand following for your blog and your social media.


5. You Can Engage Visitors with Seasonal Questions

Most people look forward to seasonal changes. After a long, hot summer, the cool nights and changing leaves are a welcome relief. Capitalize on the interest in seasonal changes by engaging your visitors with questions and surveys. End a blog post about new holiday electronics with, "Which of these devices would you like Santa to leave in your stocking?" Post the same question on your social media links and get those visitors engaged.


6. You Can Hold Their Attention with a Seasonal Sidebar

Keep your website fresh by highlighting seasonal content in your sidebar. Placing links to 3 to 5 seasonal articles or posts may keep people on your website longer as they see content related to the issues they've been mulling over in their minds. Try to avoid long lists of links because large blocks of text generally turn people off, but attractively assemble just a few links that will catch their attention.


7. You Can Gain Their Trust

Seasonal blog posts say this: We're so on top of things that we're already prepared to help you with what you've got coming up next month, and next month we'll do the same. The key is staying on top of it. Plan your editorial schedule well in advance of your publishing. This will help you to take the long view.


8. You Can Keep Your Social Media Current

Your business blog is your social media engine. It's the content you link back to in order to direct traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to your website where they can really get to know you. Social media deals in the now--what's happening today--so seasonal topics tend to dominate social media trends. You'll be better able to tap into those trends when you publish some seasonal blog posts on a regular basis.


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