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The 6 most effective ways for social Media leads nurturing

Posted by Ilan Klein on Thu, Feb 11, 2016 @ 09:38 AM

A potential prospect clicked "Like" on your company's Facebook page. That's great! But it doesn't necessarily mean that she's ready to buy something from you just yet. That's not how social media marketing works. She may have liked your page because she lives in the neighborhood or because her co-worker liked your page. Whatever the reason, she's now getting your updates, so you have a chance to nurture this lead until she's ready to make a purchase.

Social engagement is key at this point in the process. If you don't engage and nurture your leads, they may lose interest and forget about your company. The best thing to do is to nurture the relationship, surely and gently, by creating a strategy for social media lead nurturing.

Social media lead nurturing is different than email lead nurturing. You don't necesserily have your leads' contact information, so if you've previously used email exclusively for lead nurturing, you'll have to tweak your strategies. Let's take a look at the 6 most effective ways to nurture social media leads from a local inbound marketing company in Brooklyn



1. Hold Contests

You can grab the attention of your prospects and engage them on your social media accounts by holding contests. Contests not only engage potential prospects, but they also offer your sales team an easy way to gather valuable information. The key is to make the incentive something that is related to your products or services.

Offering a trip to Hawaii will definitely get people's attention, but if your business is selling and installing window shades, the contest doesn't make much sense.

Try running a contest that allows people to try out your services or products for free, like a one-month free trial to your gym or a free lunch at your restaurant. This way, people self-select your contest based on your interest. Just about everyone is interested in a free trip to Hawaii, but not everyone is interested in new window shades.


2. Blog Regularly

An active, high-quality business blog gives provides you with material for nurturing leads on social media. If you produce interesting, helpful content that potential prospects find valuable, you can then publish links to your blog posts on social media. Those who have liked your page in the past will see these links, and if they are interested, they will click on the links and find themselves at your website. You can encourage them to comment on your blog as well as on your social media posts that you link to your blog.



3. Create Surveys and Quizzes

People love to be asked their opinions. This is one reason that surveys and quizzes are so popular on social media. Ask your followers interesting questions that will engage them and get them thinking about your services and products. An added benefit to using surveys and quizzes is that you can gather information from potential prospects about what they want and need from you as a company. If you are a Brooklyn inbound marketing company like us, you can ask your followers in New York city what they are looking for in an inbound marketing agency, quality, speed or price?



4. Listen to Social Media Conversations

Today's marketers have it so much better than the marketers of yesteryear because they get to eavesdrop on the conversations of their prospects to find out what they're looking for. All you have to do to eavesdrop on these conversations is to search keywords related to your brand, products, and services to find out what people are saying.

TIt's very hard to succesfully run a lead nurturing campaign without listening to you rprospects. There are many ways to find out what is trending, and we will devote a blog post to that in the future. One of the easiest ways to do that is to look at your Twitter account and see what is trending right now. These trends are customized to your account.

another way is to visit the Google trends website and sww what people are talking about. What keywords are used and where.

Once you discover these keywords, you can use them in your social media posts, blog posts, and marketing campaigns to find and nurture even more prospects.



5. Create Videos

Videos are attention-getting on social media. Because they involve movement and sound, people are drawn to them more than they're drawn to static images and text. Your videos could be short ads, product demonstrations, or even simple conversations. Make them interesting, and ask for comments on your posts.


6. Use Specific Campaigns

Some of your social media content will be demographic-specific, so target it to the people who will be most interested in it. Personalization is a very useful feature of inbound marketing, and you can use it to nurture leads on social media. For instance, if you have a promotion that will appeal to working professional men in their 50s and 60s, invest in targeted marketing on social media to cultivate and nurture leads specifically within this group. When you give up trying to appeal to everyone at once, you can reach people in personal, specific ways.


Those social media leads may not be quite ready to make a purchase from you, but with a little nurturing and a little more exposure, when the time is right they will seek you out. If you would like to know how lead nurturing can benefit your specific company, give us a call at Park Slope Softworks. We'll be happy to discuss your unique situation with you. You can reach us at 646-519-3534.

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