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The simple guide to digital strategy

Posted by Orr Klein on Thu, Apr 12, 2018 @ 10:37 AM


Is your business trying to break into the digital world? Whether you’re a startup or an old business just starting to develop a web presence, a digital strategy is necessary There are a ton of aspects that businesses need to take into consideration when trying to build a digital strategy. It can be challenging for those who have not had much experience with the internet or developing a business through the internet. However, there are a ton of ways to support your digital marketing strategy. Here is a short guide on the simple guide to digital strategy, from your local Brooklyn inbound marketing agency.

Build audience through content


Content marketing is a powerful and effective way to reach your customers, and if done well, doubles as a retention tool. Start writing some awesome blogs and building an audience with your great content. What’s your end goal? Make sure you create a library of content that will attract new customers by reflecting your business’ authority and expertise. Ask yourself, what content do you already have? Look into what you already have. Chances are, you’ve got a wealth of owned content to work with. Social posts to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all count. Here are some places to start looking: Emails, blogs, videos, audio recordings, photographs, interviews, tech support logs and conversations, knowledge bases, product instructions, community forums. Now, develop categories of content, and organize your content within them to see what you really have. Consider what new content could you create and where would you distribute the content. A distribution plan for your content is key to your success. Where would people be looking for content you produce? Social posts, blog exchanges, and email signatures are all places you should consider in your content distribution strategy. Learn more about what is the difference between content and content marketing and how content marketing drives sales.

Set up analytics


One of the coolest things about digital marketing is its ability to be measure almost everything. Whether it’s the number of people who visit your site, to the number of people who bought something through your ad, analytics are pretty sweet. The foundations of successful digital campaigns include tools in place to analyze their results. Proper metrics will give you insight into the returns on your investments and help you make decisions about what to keep — and what to lose. Luckily, channels such as search engines and social media platforms make it easy to set up small, low-risk experiments with immediate results.

Stay on top of mobile


So many people are consuming the internet through your phone. Think about how many times you check your phone to look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even your Email. Millennials especially use their phones to browse the internet at an increasing rate. A recent Nielsen report (Nielsen Mobile Ratings Report October 2015) revealed that more than 15 million Australians own smartphones, along with some 12 million owning a tablet device.

Hopefully, these tips helped you start to develop an idea as to what you should do to start your digital marketing strategy. However, we have more for you. We have an extensive Whitepaper for you that gives you a more in-depth look on how to start building your digital marketing strategy. Go here and download the full guide, it only takes a minute and it’s free! To learn more about digital marketing, check out our industry-leading blog and contact us today to request a free consultation from your local Brooklyn inbound marketing agency!

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