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The Secret Sauce for a Killer FAQ Page for website search optimization

Posted by Ilan Klein on Fri, Apr 15, 2016 @ 02:58 PM

A killer FAQ page can do more than just answer questions. It can help you to solidify your brand, give you another opportunity for connecting with prospects, increase your SEO with a Free SEO analysis, and keep your customers focused. Think of your FAQ page as another digital marketing and website optimization tool. When you use the following ingredients to build your FAQ page, you'll have another opportunity to create high quality content that can turn website visitors into customers.

Many companies use their FAQ pages as succesful inbound marketing and website search optimization agents. Many professional search engine optimization firms use these pages to reach new prospects for their clients. Here are some tips from an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn.

 Secret sauce for a killer FAQ page, inbound marketing company in Brooklyn


Unfortunately, some FAQ pages become dumping grounds for information that seems to have no other home on a website. This leads to disorganization, and the last impression you want to leave with people is that your business is disorganized.

In order to bring bits of diverse information together into one cohesive whole, create an outline-style FAQ page. Instead of a giant list of questions and answers, divide your questions into categories. For example, you might create subheadings and list your questions beneath the following headings: Product Information, Shipping, Returns, Customer Service, Webpage Helps. Not only does this kind of page look cleaner and help people to find what they're looking for faster, but it helps prospects to get a better idea of who you are and what you have to offer.

Secret sauce for a killer FAQ page, inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, organization


You FAQ pages should look and feel like the rest of your website. Analyze its elements, and make sure that your branding is consistent. Are you using the same fonts? The same graphics? Does the writing on your FAQ page match the style of the writing elsewhere on your website? If the language in the rest of your site is very casual, don't revert to techy language on your FAQ page. You don't want anything to be jarring or different; make it blend.

Secret sauce for a killer FAQ page, inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, branding

Customer Focus

Even though you might have lots of business-centric information on your FAQ page, make sure that you keep it customer focused. Yes, customers and business owners talk differently, but you should focus on creating a page that resonates with your customers, not with yourself or your employees. If you need to change the language to make it more familiar to the lay person (the customer), do so. Think about keywords your customers would use when searching for your services, and be sure to include those keywords in your FAQ content. This is a great way to boost your SEO without having to create additional landing pages.

Secret sauce for a killer FAQ page, inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, customer focus

Visual Appeal

There's a whole lot of great design out there on the Internet, and people have grown accustomed to beautifully designed web pages. Be easy on the eyes, even with your FAQ page, by creating a page that is as beautiful as it is informative. Break up text with white space, include graphics, and keep clutter to a minimum. Visual clues, like screenshots or icons, can make your FAQ page more attractive and usable.

Visitors seeking information tend to scan pages instead of reading everything. If you plan for scanning, you'll likely catch more visitors in your net. You can do this by making sure your headlines and questions are sized and colored appropriately. For example, you can either bold your questions or make them a different color than the answers to the questions. People can easily find their question without having to search or read the whole thing.

Secret sauce for a killer FAQ page, inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, visual appeal


When it comes to information, we're all on overload most of the time. Although you could answer every question customers have ever asked, stay true to the name (Frequently Asked Questions). There's no sense in overwhelming your visits. Simply give them what they need and want.

Secret sauce for a killer FAQ page, inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, simplicty

Calls to Action

You might not think that an FAQ page is the place to call visitors to action, but savvy marketers know that more calls to action equal a better conversion rate. One of the simplest ways to include a call to action on your FAQ page is to include a call-to-action button toward the top of the page. You could also consider linking within the text of your FAQ answers to whatever the next step is. This is a natural and effective way to escort visitors through the conversion pipeline.

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