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Tips for Creating a Local Facebook Business Marketing Strategy

Posted by Orr Klein on Tue, Apr 03, 2018 @ 12:41 PM


People use Facebook all over the world to keep in touch with friends and family, but increasingly, people are also using Facebook to find businesses in their local communities. The key for business owners if to figure out how to create a local Facebook business marketing strategy because, unlike some other websites and social media platforms, Facebook isn’t really designed for local marketing.


That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for local marketing. In fact, some businesses are getting phenomenal results by incorporating some of the tactics we’ll mention below.


It’s safe to say that most of the people in your local area on are Facebook. And that’s saying a lot. So learning to use it to reach your targeted audience can drive your foot traffic, increase your revenue potential, and build awareness of your brand.


Here are a few tips for creating a local Facebook business marketing strategy.

Use the Events Feature


The Events feature on Facebook can be extremely beneficial for marketers. It’s easy to use, and it keeps your events front-and-center, reminding attendees that they have an event to attend and showing other local Facebook users who else will be attending.


Used well, Facebook’s Events feature can keep your business on the minds of your local targeted audience. Here’s how it works:


You create an event by clicking on the “Create Event” button on your business Facebook page. Fill in the blank spaces for date and time, event category, event keywords (think SEO), and link to a ticketing website. Then you can add a photo, and your event will be listed on Facebook. You can send invitations to your event to Facebook users, and they RSVP right there on your event page. As the event gets closer, they’ll receive a notification to remind them about your event.


Facebook also tells local users about friends who plan on attending events. For example, they’ll get notifications saying, “Jeff and Alex are attending an event near you” with a link to your event. As you can see, this is a great way to increase brand awareness.


But what if your business doesn’t have any events to advertise? Create some! Hold a Customer Appreciation Day at your place of business and offer free hot dogs or doughnuts to people who come. Invite a local band to play at your coffee shop. Have a sidewalk sale. Any of these events can and should be advertised as events on Facebook.

Share Your Reviews


If you receive reviews on other websites or even other social media platforms, take screenshots of them and share them on your Facebook page. Make sure you tag the reviewer’s business and sincerely thank the reviewer. It’s best to get permission first when you share content created by other people.


If your business is brand new and you don’t yet have many (or any) reviews, give your customers an incentive for leaving feedback. For example, you could offer a product giveaway for the first five or ten people who leave a comment about what they like about your company. You could also offer a discount on products and services for people who leave reviews.

Share Local Content


People love their hometowns and neighborhoods, so align your business with local events, local history, landmarks, and sayings that associate your business with the local community. You can do this by sharing images taken around the neighborhood and using them in your Facebook posts. You can create location-specific hashtags or use existing hashtags that locals like to use.


Your business also can increase its presence at local events, such as parades, festivals, concerts, and holiday celebrations. Take plenty of pictures at these events, and encourage others to take pictures of themselves at your booth or shop. Think about it this way: in order to truly capitalize on your local market, make your Facebook page an extension of local traditions and culture.


Using these tips, you can develop a local Facebook business marketing strategy that will help you to reach more people in your community. For more information about social media marketing--or to discuss any of your content marketing needs--reach out to us at Park Slope Softworks, your Brooklyn digital marketing company. Be sure to check out our free SEO analysis.

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