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Top Five reasons your Inbound Marketing Strategies aren't working

Posted by Orr Klein on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 @ 12:50 PM


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So I know you might thinking after I read this super useful article about inbound marketing I should be an expert in inbound marketing, right? Why is nobody coming to my website? Aren’t my blogs enough to bring people in? Well, here’s the thing, inbound marketing has a lot to do with planning and planning & crafting ideas carefully in order for it to work. If you have no direction as to where your company wants to go, your inbound marketing tactics simply won’t work. So, here are some reasons as to why your inbound marketing strategies aren’t working. Once you recognize the problem, it’ll be much easier to fix and people will come and visit your website. Here are the top 5 reasons why your inbound marketing strategies aren't working from an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn

You might not understand your demographic

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    Understanding your demographic is very important when trying to develop inbound marketing tactics for your company. You don’t want to create ads and promotions geared towards people in their late 40s when people between the ages of 18-25 visit your website more frequently. You should try and appeal to the demographic that make up the meat and potatoes of your web traffic. It might seem simple but if you don’t know how to appeal to your specific demographic, you probably won’t be able to get a lot of traffic coming into your website.

Your free promotion sucks

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Free is always good. People are always more willing to check out your product if you give out a free sample. Sometimes I go to my local supermarket and make rounds of the free samples until I’m full. No shame in that, that’s what they’re there for. However, the better your free promotion is, the more people are going to be willing to try it, and share it with all of their friends and family. Inbound marketing promotions are essential for getting conversions on your campaigns. To check out a cool free promotion, be sure to check out our Free SEO analysis

Your goals are not clear

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You should try and establish right away with your team what you want to accomplish. I know we all want to be living on a beach somewhere and not have to work ever again. But, you gotta start smaller. Try and establish clear and attainable goals for your inbound marketing strategy. Try putting out something for free and see how many people come and visit your site after this free promotion. You’ll be able to gauge what to do next and how to improve upon it, so more people come and visit your site.

An issue in-house?

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So this is tough, if you feel that you have a specific person working for you dedicate to your  inbound marketing strategy, and you feel like that person is not meeting expectations, then you might need a change. This is difficult to judge from an outside perspective, as it is very relative. However, if you feel like there is a change that needs to be made then it should be done. There are a ton of digital marketing agencies that you can hire if you feel like there needs to be a professional opinion entered into the mix.

The content is not up to snuff

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Make better content. You want to put out the best possible product out for your consumers right? It’ll only work if the content is actually worth sharing. This points back to the in-house point, maybe there need to be more minds working on this then there are. Different perspectives can add a lot to the content creation, and this can be useful if you want to improve your content. Content is the most important aspect of inbound marketing, and if there is no content, people won’t visit your site. People can smell clickbait bullshit from a mile away and people are less willing to share content that sucks. Make an effort in trying to make your content better, after that, use the precious inbound marketing tactics in order to improve your web traffic, and potentially increase your clientele.

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