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How to increase PPC impressions

Posted by Orr Klein on Tue, Jan 31, 2017 @ 10:59 AM

Pay Per Click is an essential tool in the digital marketing world. You can market your product or service to those who wouldn’t have known about your business and be able to attract more people to who could be in need of your business. This can also be done by creating an inbound marketing strategy. Not only is it beneficial for small businesses to get their name out there to help support your digital marketing strategy, but it is also used by big companies as well. However, having a large budget at your disposal for pay per click advertising, might not be enough to ensure that your ads are reaching the people who will do business with you. Budget, while important, isn’t everything when it comes to PPC.

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How your business can benefit from using Snapchat

Posted by Ilan Klein on Wed, Mar 02, 2016 @ 12:37 PM

Links, clicks, sharing, searches: There’s new terminology that drives businesses and determines how they measure success in social outreach. For the uninitiated, it can feel overwhelming. Even for those companies that have a solid social media presence, the wealth of data and the varying platforms can be hard to sort through and prioritize. But there’s one thing you shouldn’t skip out on: Snapchat.

Snapchat is a relatively new arrival to social media; it began in 2011 as a way to post up to 10-second videos that then disappeared. Today, it has hundreds of millions of users and sees thousands of videos posted every second. They can also be saved, and are remarkably easy to create. For businesses, Snapchat equals an inexpensive, creative medium that uses urgency as a way to create appeal. It offers a way for businesses to share information that feels behind the scenes or fresh.
If you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat or wondering how you can get started and leverage this social media platform in a productive way for your company, use this infographic for helpful tips and ideas from an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn.  Be sure to learn the answer to what is inbound marketing?

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Harness the Power of Promotions

Posted by Ilan Klein on Mon, Feb 01, 2016 @ 11:03 AM

Free! Everybody loves that word. That's why Gregory Ciotti cited "free" as one of his "5 most persuasive words in the English language." As marketers, we certainly want to use persuasive words, and whether or not you come out and say that something is free, harnessing the power of promotions can make a huge difference in the success of your inbound marketing and social media campaigns. Learn from your local inbound marketing company in Brooklyn the answer to the question: what is inbound marketing? 

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How to increase your business exposure through social Media

Posted by Ilan Klein on Thu, Jan 07, 2016 @ 02:52 PM

There's no doubt about it: social media is changing the way people communicate. Wise business owners and Park Slope Softworks, an inbound marketing company in Brooklyn, recognize this and are developing social media strategies to grow their online audiences and increase their sales.

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