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Why is Brand Identity so Important?

Posted by Orr Klein on Fri, Aug 03, 2018 @ 11:44 AM

why is brand identity so important

Your brand is your company’s identity. It’s what makes you recognizable at a glance to customers, clients, and other people in your industry.


Why is brand identity so important? Brand awareness is a powerful tool you can use to communicate your business personality and shape potential customers’ ideas of who you are and what you embody. A strong, positive brand identity helps your target audience to differentiate your business from your competitors, and it can have a big impact on purchasing decisions.


In this post, we’ll look at how your content marketing can help or hurt awareness of your brand. You might be surprised at how influential your branding can be.

Your Brand Conveys Your Level of Professionalism


Have you ever been handed a black-and-white, self-printed business card? Have you ever landed on webpage that screamed “amateur”? What thoughts went through your mind when you had these experiences? Did you feel that forging a business relationship with that person or that business would be in your best interest?


People will judge your ability to provide meaningful service based on their impressions of your professionalism. The way you present your brand will affect the way people see your business, both online and off, so take a step back and consider the importance of your brand identity. Is this something you want to leave to amateurs?

Your Brand Is Really Just Your Logo


A business logo is an important component of branding, but if you stop with your logo, you’re missing out on many other aspects of brand identity. It’s true that your logo should convey something about your vision, target audience, and even values, but your branding also includes elements such as the fonts you use in your communication, the tone of your content, and the kinds of images on your social media. All of these decisions should be deliberately made--don’t settle for defaults unless the defaults are chosen for good reasons.

Branding Is Necessary Regardless of Your Industry

There’s a myth out there that branding is important in some industries but not important in others. This simply isn’t true. You don’t have to be selling haute couture in order to have a recognizable brand. In fact, your landscaping company or tax preparation firm need a brand identity as surely as does a designer label or fashionable restaurant.

Effective Brand Identity Makes Your Company Look Bigger


One of the benefits of having a successful brand identity is that it can make your business look bigger than it really is. When your target audience consistently sees your business showing up on business cards, social media accounts, and websites, they get the idea that yours is a company that deserves their business. They start to recognize your business and what you stand for, and this makes your value rise.

Brand Identity Conveys Stability

Nobody wants to do business with a company that may not be around tomorrow, so you want to use your brand identity to convey stability. By using clear messaging and consistent branding, you are telling potential customers that you’re here to stay and will take care of your customers for as long as they’re willing to give you their business.

Your Brand Makes Your Business Memorable


People see a lot of content every day. They see it on their phones, on signs as they walk or drive through town, on printed materials, and in their email inboxes. They hear content on the radio, on television ads, and from recommendations from friends. How will you make your business stand out from all this noise? You’ll use your brand identity. Effective brand identity helps people to consistently remember who you are when they see your branding. Make each interaction with customers as positive and professional as possible so they have strong positive associations every single time they drive past your sign or see your logo on your social media.


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