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Something Powerful

Convert More leads

EXpand your reach and convert more leads

Nothing improves your bottom line like effective lead generation. If you have a powerful lead generation machine, you can build a sales pipeline that keeps business flowing in reliable, revenue-building ways. Our experts here at Park Slope Softworks know how subtleties and nuances can make a big difference when it comes to expanding your reach and converting more leads.

offers they can't refuse

Your business is unique. You know that, but your prospects don’t know it yet. As a marketing agency, we work with you to understand your sales cycle, your target customers, and your unique offerings. We then craft compelling offers your prospects can’t refuse.

landing page testing and conversion optimization

Once your compelling offers are crafted, it’s important to validate that your prospects are reacting to them and converting on your landing pages. According to Google, a prospect scans your page for less than four seconds before trying another website. Your landing pages need to work and persuade your prospects quickly and consistently. Conversion optimization and A/B and Multivariate testing help us to collect information so you can make decisions based on data, not hunches.

targeting and lead segmentation

Databases are extremely helpful for converting leads, but if you aren’t segmenting your database, you’re missing out on precious conversion opportunities. By segmenting your leads, we can create campaigns that effectively target well-defined audiences based on needs, behaviors, or demographics. This takes lead conversion to the next level.

Modern email marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while, but it’s still one of the most effective strategies for converting leads and engaging prospects. That said, email marketing has changed. With so much digital information bombarding people every day, prospects have become more discriminating. We develop, test, and deploy email marketing campaigns that make a difference to your bottom line.a