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Some of our clients

Real results from digital Marketing

Whether you are a startup looking to tell an inspiring story about your new and exciting service, or an established B2B company looking to reach out and extend your market share, you need to be able to say something, not just sell something. Park Slope Softworks works with companies of all shapes and sizes  and help them tell their story, produce quality content for their audience and engage with their communities. As a marketing agencywe build websites and landing pages, create digital marketing camapigns, improve conversion rates, genarate qualified leads and provide thorough reporting. All improving the business results of our clients.

What our clients say about us:


Bill Dickey, Director of operations, Dr phone and drone


When we sought to launch our project, Dr. Phone & Drone as an online services platform we were recommended to  Park Slope Softworks though a trusted friend.   Though I have over a decade of retail and project management experience this endeavor was my first one to be offered exclusively as an online service.Ilan and his team at Park Slope Softworks have a tried and proven process to properly define the scope of a project and they provide a comprehensive road-map to building an online solution that will meet those goals successfully.

When building our website, the team at Park Slope Softworks was in constant contact with me and my staff.  We were regularly updated on developments and always had adequate input to ensure a common vision was shared between us as the client and Park Slope Softworks’ team.

I would not say that the project was not without complications – but this is to be expected with any undertaking of any scale.  When issues came up, however – the staff at Park Slope Softworks always went the extra mile to quickly provide a solution or revision to our satisfaction.

Once the construction of the online platform was done – Ilan and his team provided adequate training to ensure I was comfortable with the finished product.  They also offer comprehensive advertising and social media solutions to service to maintain product and propel the business to success.

Ultimately the project came in on budget and on time.  Park Slope Softworks worked with us hand in hand. They have a tired and proven roadmap for bringing concepts to market, and Mr. Ilan Kline is an excellent project manager.  2 thumbs up.

Gene.jpgEugene Lemay, President Moishe's Moving Linkedin "Mr. Klein and his company Park Slope Softworks were employed by Moishe's Moving since 2005. They managed a marketing budget that is more than 1 MM. Mr. Klein's unique set of skills that span the gamut from Marketing, Sales and Business Intelligence are hard to find. His unique expertise have been invaluable to our company and was in our growth in the last six years. We highly recommend hiring Mr. Klein and Park Slope Softworks."


Nicole Nash, Head of Hannah Senesh Community Day School Linkedin

Hannah Senesh Community Day School worked with Mr. Klein and Park Slope Softworks for the past seven years. Mr. Klein developed the school's website as well as a unique software to support the school's needs with progress reports, and online applications. Mr. klein also launched a Google ads campaign that promoted the school's website, increased school's name recognition and admissions. Mr Klein's skills, expertise as well as his ability to develop custom made online solutions, gave the school a strong online presence and online tools for parents and teachers.

Micha_Riss.pngMicha Riss, President Flying Machine Linkedin

I know Ilan for more than 20 years now. He is a consummate professional with a detailed oriented approach to any project he is involved with. Ilan has great skills in Online marketing, business intelligence reporting and software development. I was impressed with Ilan's ability to understand new business need and translate them to actionable items for the client's marketing efforts. I look forward to collaborating with him again.


Hector Dominguez, CEO Tralix Linkedin

Mr. Klein and his professional team created and managed the company's online marketing efforts for our online invoicing solution in Mexico. Our experience with Mr. Klein and his team was more than satisfactory. They proved to be highly adaptable to the Mexican market and took Tralix to a leading position in this highly competitive market. We recommend hiring Park Slope Softworks for any complex digital marketing assignments and look forward to working with them in the future.


Amir Chitayat, Owner Open Moves Linkedin

We contracted Mr. Klein and his company, Park Slope Softworks to manage our clients Pay Per Click campaigns. Mr. Klein and his team presented innovative Digital Marketing Solutions and executed flawlessly on the marketing plan. Mr. Klein's advanced knowledge of the google Adwords platform, combined with his experience in landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, remarketing, as well as content based advertising and promotions were invaluable for our clients. We recommend hiring Mr. Klein and his team for any complex Digital Marketing assignments. 

Melissa_Block.jpgMelissa Block, Regional Sales Director, Southwest at TubeMogul Linkedin

Ilan is a valuable asset to any online marketing campaign he is involved in. Over several months, Ilan and I built a paid search campaign for his client. Ilan is consistently on time, professional and reliable. Ilan’s expertise in managing paid search campaigns enabled us to see great ROI for his client. Ilan Klein’s knowledge in the online advertising industry makes him a value to any company.


Dmitriy Usvetov, VP Information technology GRM document Management Linkedin

Ilan did an exceptional job on the recent project. Ilan is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist - his ideas, skills, creativity and understanding of change requests made the project a dream. He has an extensive knowledge, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated. He denotes a strong experience in areas such as project management and software architecture.

Jerry_Cohen.jpgJerry Cohen, Senior Partner Cohen Tauber Spievak and Wagner Linkedin

Ilan is an expert in transforming business processes from the offline to online. Park Slope SoftWorks successfully produces user friendly, internet enabled software that brings Enterprise power to small and medium size businesses.

Simardeep_Sethi.jpgSimardeep Sethi, VP business relations at Duke imports Linkedin

Ilan is a fantastic person with such great people skills. He was willing to do what it took to get the job done. He has a passion for every project he takes on. I would recommend him highly. A no-nonsense attitude of Ilan makes him what he is. I had a pleasure of working with him on a Lead Tracking Software where Ilan lead a team at Global Home Loans & Finance and Precision Financial Inc. he never let anyone lose focus and kept his eye on the bouncing ball. This attitude of his sets him and his firm, Park Slope Softworks apart from the rest. It was this attitude of his that won him the project at Global and I couldn't think of anyone else but to hire his firm again at Precision. I can't wait to work with him again.

Jorge_Zavala.jpgJorge Zavala, CDO Kinnevo Linkedin

Ilan is able to present a complex subjects in a very understandable way to learn the power of the Online Marketing tools. He show us, how easy and powerful is to use Internet to create a profitable marketing campaign, get sales leads and convert them into close sales. The result is very clear; our companies are selling more with fewer expenses – a magic dream. Ilan was able to convert good ideas in great results.


Micha Lang, senior VP at Mana Contemporary Linkedin

Ilan's ability to create effective campaigns for a PPC, tune them, optimize them, follow through with the detail reporting and data really makes him a big part of our success today. There is no way I would have been able to do what he does for our company. The vast knowledge that he brings to the table helps us make good decisions and he should get the credit for our success

Alon_Livne.jpgAlon Livne, General Manager at Moishe's self Storage Linkedin

Using Ilan's services for our company has always been a pleasure. He shows total commitment to what ever project we are working on and handle it with utmost care. His deep understanding of the very complex issues that we asked him to deal with and his ability to translate them to other are admirable
and so is the final results of his work




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