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PPC is one of the most common and quick ways to get new prospects for your business
Pay Per Click advertising can increase your traffic overnight; it can be a highly effective Digital Marketing strategy when it’s used well. A marketing agency can help you manage it well, however, if you attract a large volume of traffic that has no interest in your products and services, you won’t get a good return on your marketing investment. Skillfully used, however, Pay Per Click can be extremely effective. Let’s see how.



Advertising on Google is highly effective for one important reason: your ad reaches users at the very moment they’re demonstrating interest and searching for answers. With keyword advertising, you can target specific words that appeal to specific people. This way, you get a better return on investment than you would with untargeted ads.


Google Network Advertising

The Google Network reaches over 80% of internet users worldwide, which is an incredible marketing opportunity. Customers will be able to find you in over 100 languages. This network consists of Google sites and partner properties that use Google AdSense to serve AdWords advertisements. Network partners include Amazon, AOL, The New York Times,, iVillage, and more.


Specific Campaigns

Pay Per Click advertising is ideal for short-term campaigns for new products, promotions, and announcements. You can start a Pay Per Click campaign within 24 to 48 hours, and you can often change the text of your ad mid-campaign, so you can make adjustments to your messaging as you see fit.


Direct-Response Business

Pay Per Click is also great for businesses that offer products and services that can be purchased right when visitors arrive at your website. With this kind of business (like an online store) you know that each arrival at your website is a potential customer.

Niche Terms

If your business has unique search terms that aren’t used by businesses in general, Pay Per Click advertising can be very affordable. Pay Per Click ads are sold by auction, so you’ll end up paying a lot for general terms. For instance, it might be very expensive to pay for the top bid of the search term “bicycle,” but it would probably be affordable to pay for “Hellga bicycles.”

You can target ads by location and language, which also helps you find the exact target audience you’re hoping to reach. Location targeting is important to most businesses. Some online stores only ship to the United States, so they would only want to pay for Pay Per Click to U.S. users. Some businesses are local brick-and-mortar operations, like restaurants and auto mechanics, so they would want to target people within their region.


Developing Your Pay Per Click Strategy

As you can see, an effective Pay Per Click strategy depends on a number of factors. Our experts at Park Slope Softworks can help you create a Pay Per Click strategy that capitalizes on your existing inbound marketing strengths and helps you reach your marketing goals. We look forward to helping you increase traffic to your site and improving your bottom line.